What is your Read Time?


Read time is basically how long you've been reading posts on the forum, as a total. If you have a one day read time, it means you've spent (in total) one day straight reading through the forum! Some people have ridiculously large read times! My read time is 7 days, what is yours?

P.S: You can find your read time in the "Summary" tab.


My read time is 45 days. XD


I know someone with a larger read time, I wonder if they'll post. :D
That means you've spent more than a month reading straight through the forum! (in total)




28 day read time i think

Hi disky


How do you even find enough time to read that much? :0



Or lots of multitasking.

But mostly magic.


How do you guys have such large read times 0_0


My read time is 38 days. :D


I've just hit the 5 Day reading mark!:grinning:


How do you guys have enough time? I thought I had a big read time, but I'm wrong. :D


Dat is looooooooong! :open_mouth:

And @Maltese's read time


@CreativeCoder has a 73 day read time. Is that the largest read time on the forum?


I don't know.:grinning: That is huge a time though. What are the mods and leaders time?


@CreativeCoder joined the Forum since August 2015, that is over a year ago


These are the hopscotcher old leader and mod read times!
(Not including member of THT)
BuildASnowman has a 15 day read time.
Anonymous has a 26 day read time.
SmilingSnowflakes has a 53 day read time.
Gilbert189 and Intellection74 have a 37 day read time.
MathGirl has a 38 day read time .
PopTart0219 has a 22 day read time.
Kiwicute2013 has a 24 day read time.


I have 8 day reading time


I only has 28 days :open_mouth:


i haz seven dayz
i so smol


I is smoller. :0000