What is your opinion on chat rooms?



Hi this is work kids coding and I am wondering what your opinion on chatting on hopscotch is I will give you a poll

should we have a chat room in hopscotch

  • yes
  • no


I will give you a screen shot of how I think it should look bye


People have been discussing the topic of chatting in Hopscotch very much (see this topic Your Opinion on Chatting) and like many people said on there, I think talking to collaborate on code is fine. It would be interesting to see how you think it would look and work :smiley:


@Work_kids_coding, you should probably look to see if your topic has been discussed before. But maybe the Hopscotch Team could add a #chatroom channel so that all the chat stuff goes into one channel and the rest of the community isn't bothered with it.


It's okay to have chatrooms!!! :rage::rage::rage:


Yes, it is technically allowed, but I personally think that Hopscotchwas intended for coding, not talking. Maybe the HT can add a private message system, but there are cons to that too.


Chat rooms about coding are good, but just chatting about random subjects shouldn't be allowed (in my opinion). But then again, as long as the chat rooms are not bothering anyone, I'm okay with it as long as people still code and not just chat.


Please @Ihasfluffycupcakes do not add angry emojis. This could of been flagged by me, remember this is a safe place with no bad criticism


Ok sorry ps chatrooms are my opinion ok!


I think chat rooms are perfectly fine to collab on a game or something else. Although, they should be supervised; unlike the Youtube comments which get into a whole big jumble.


Thank you all for your opinion it is very helpful to here other people's opinions


I think that Hopscotch chatrooms aren't good because they aren't private, and it's SUPER annoying to see, unless you're sharing ideas or something. Instead of a chatroom, you could just use the Hopscotch Forum! :grinning:


OK thanks but what about ovate messages


If you mean "private", there is no such thing as private messaging. Everyone can see it. Plus, in my opinion, it is extremely annoying, so again, start a topic up on the forum and message there about collaborations and stuff! :blush:


I understand you, I was not trying to be cruel just telling you about emojis on Hopscotch forum


My opinion on chatting is the we should be able to at least private message, and if you want a reason why I have a answer. So imagine this you and a friend want to make this movie but you do not want anyone else to know what happens next, now how are you going to solve that problem?


If you and a friend are making a project, the best way to plan is in person.


But what if the friend lives far away so you have to make a chatroom! (Some of my hopscotch friends live out of the state so that's why we do chatrooms)


Wait, what's wrong with the angry emoji?


@Ihasfluffycupcakes the angry emoji makes it seem like you're yelling at people and are super-angry, and probably isn't what you mean to do.

I understand using chat rooms to talk to far away people, but there's also email, FaceTime, text, calls, etc. If you DO use chat rooms though, I might suggest a new idea from a friend. When you publish a chat room, maybe you could unpublish the one you used right before it. And when someone replies, you can remix their project and delete your old chatroom. That way you can use chat rooms, but they don't clog up Hopscotch.


Yeah they have bad words