What is your motto?



What is your hopscotch motto?
Mine is "Code 4 ever , never give up"
You can put you answer in a reply or make a Hopscotch project! just give me the link!


Roar, I am the wild Rawrbear!

Just kidding! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:






"Phases for life, Never give up even though you have shadows." Just warning you peoples in advance, I have a dark side on the shadows.


the motto of super mario.

Squash or be squashed.
time is running out.
you are alone


Mine is and as always Happy Hopping


A Hopscotch motto of mine is:

Being kind, trying your best and being willing to learn is what matters :grinning:

It's what I put on my Hopscotch website (thanks to @SASSYSINGER for making this website :smile:)


@LotsaPizza, you posted a good one! :slightly_smiling:


@LotsaPizza didn't post anything I thought ? @Rawrbear


"Life is like a box of choclates, you never know what your gonna get" - forest gump


Keep your face toward the sun and the shadows will fall behind u


that's kinda sad though... (blows dust off of SNES at the mention of super Mario, (sobs)) why won't they let me hook it up again!?!:sob:


It's not like success will appear out of nowhere, will it?


Time can get you success, but success cannot give you time
That's my motto..

And that's words of wisdom people!


@comicvillestudios are you saying your wise?


This was a project I made it was Be Positive, Be Original and Be Brave


The ending of your post was soo funny. I also like your motto.


My 5th motto

Was said by wise people



I lost my body!!! Help!!!


(my own body is invalid , after all I did for it!!!!!!)