What is YOUR most liked project(s)



Hi! I was wondering, what is your most liked project? This is where you can share your most liked project, and learn what others most liked project is. Mine is a drawing.. I will post the picture later, I don't have a screen shot of it..


Mine is the Olaf trail art I posted two day ago.


Here is the link: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y2yhbmjt7


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Mine's my design a leprechaun... What is that? It's like trail art and a draw pad. XD


Mine's my potion brewer.
Nice poll, @Intellection74! It's a good question, I wonder what the results will be after more votes. I guess it somewhat depends on what kind of projects get featured, as those projects tend to get more likes then projects that are just shown in the newest tab (even if they're just as good).


Mine was a quote that got rising! :D it has 465 (ish) likes :D


Mine is Doodle Jump! :D

Doodle Jump now has 10,000+ likes! Thanks so much to everyone who liked, remixed, or played it. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. :) :D

I think games or "make your own...." projects get the most likes! :D


Mine is Run! V4.0! made 1 day ago! It's on Featured. :D

Not to brag or anything.


I don't know what Regenerating Man comes under… any help?


Mine was escape the room published like 36 weeks ago​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Mine was a drawing for a "draw an app as a human challenge". I drew hopscotch! (But then someone did the same and got on featured ;-; ) it got 10 likes XD


My most liked project is an undertale meme template with Frisk
It has 41 likes!
It's not even good XD
my trail art stinks


Mine is my taco trail art. :3

It has 3,747 likes, to be exact. XD

I don't think it deserves so many likes tbh ;-;


Mine was the pencil and paper thingy. I forgot what it has, though. :thinking:


Mine was a Pusheen pixel art that I published a while ago. Only 33 likes. ;n;


Mine is Lumberjack 2.0!


Other..? XD
Maybe Text Art?


Mine is my Catface trail art. It has 28 likes.


Only? ONLY????? ONLY?????


Mine only has 10, for hopscotch's sake!!!!