What Is Your Hopscotch Nickname? Abbreviations Count!



Most Hopscotchers have Hopscotch nicknames. What is yours?

Example: Our username is tankt2016, so our Hopscotch nickname is TRICERA–STUDIOS. I gave us it.
Template example: My username is __________, so my Hopscotch nickname is ___________. _____________ gave me it.

P.S. Want to know how I got the tags? You can make tags when you're a Trust Level 3 (Regular) and higher.

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My nickname is AAAW on the forum, probably because its easier to type than AmazingAlphaAquaWolf


My nickname is uhh i don't have one


my username is simple :stuck_out_tongue:


I go by CreativeCoder (forum username), Creative Coder (Hopscotch username), or CC (abbreviation).

Simple enough XD


Hi, uhh i don't have one!


Sometimes when I don't feel like typing my name I do DL! Dunno if that counts xD


I don't have one, well, now I'm CC (my hopscotch username initials for Crazy_cake)


I don't have one but @tankt2016 from far away your profile pic looks like a chicken. Sorry. It does.


Funny, thanks for saying that!


That's what I was thinking XD


(whispers) I call dibs on CC...



I got my likes back!

likes 2 posts
nvm -_-


Idk I don't have one! :blush:


Hey you changed your profile pic!

Edit: it's those bears from Star Wars!


Yeah @Bubbles4Ever929 do you like it?


I called it first! @CreativeCoder, plus if you use it, how will we know who it is. XD lol


I called it before you XD

And magic. That's how :stuck_out_tongue:


But I commented and said I was using it before you. XD,

ITS MINE @CreativeCoder


Um...look at post 5 XD

BOT now! :wink: