What is your first notification in this forum?


Inspired by @SnowGirl_Studios' "What is your highest notification?" topic.

What is your first notification in this forum! Share it with other hopscotchers in this topic!

Mine is: @AHappyCoder replying to my "How to execute a block (or two or more) when an object is not touching a certain object" topic

Please ignore the "Basic User" and "Welcome to Hopscotch Forum!" message notifications. Thanks!

Friendly Mass Tag List



It's was either @oio or @Kiwicute2016 responding to my topic about hate about a project about how hopscotchers should try to not chat in hopscotch!


I ran out of likes so here! :heart:


I just wasted 10 minutes of my life finding this lol


Uh... I think my first notification was @Hermione inviting me to the 'Fruity collab' topic...

That was before I even posted ANYTHING! XD

The first person to give me a reply notification was @Kiwicute2016. XD


Don't run. Pls.
Running is very dangerous. ;-;


You can also fly.

Take a car, train, any other source of transportation.

You can also take a chicken, potato, and any other thing.

You could also sonic speed.
That works too. XD


I flew out of likes so here! :heart:

(Setting that to my new bot message xD [I don't have a bot xDD])


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Mine is you commenting on my AMA!

This is what it said:

:leftwards_arrow_with_hook:@kenlauescuadro AMA! (Ask Me Anything)



(@Ian, whhhhhy! ;-;)


My first notification was when t1 liked my first topic. :D

Also, if you're wondering, my second notification was Liza tagging me in my first topic to say this:

I was very happy when she said that. :D

(By the way, my first topic was a tutorial on how to make 3D ice cream.)

P.S. I'm not trying to make this sound like bragging, sorry if it does.


I think mine was when @GysvANDRegulus replied to my topic :smiley:


@Hermione liking my topic

(I wasted so much time finding this xD


@Hoppertoscotch helped me with stuff that was totally off topic


@PercyJackson9 oh yeeeeaaaahh I'm a good person


My first notification:

When @codingCupcake123 liked my post. I was very grateful, and I shared my first conversation with her that same day, too. It was about our profile pictures and how they looked the same! :D She also gave me a nice welcome that day!


I don't know

Dang, my finger hurts now

Anyways, I don't remember getting any flags from spam :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm too good for spamming bugs



Your first notifications are funny (for me, sorry if it's not).

Sorry for those whose fingers are hurting now because of scrolling through the bottom xD