What is your favorite type of coding and why?


So, I asked a question on @Happy12345678910's general topic, and the question was:

"What is your favorite type of coding and why?"

I think that is interesting question, because you could like all coding, like art games backgrounds etc.

Here is mine:

Original coding! Like Geometry Dash, and the videos and self-created stuff! Anything that you made and is a new invention, not copying.


Please inform me if there is a topic about this, as I SBIP.


Lol well thanks...I'm glad I gave u inspiration to start this lol...hahaa


Gaming, simulators, and on scratch, privatly make animaitions.


I have scratch lol I'm Zemene on there...


It's not S.Y.B.P. (Search You Before Post).
A mixed up version.

It's not S.B.Y.P. (Search Before You Post).
What you use on other people's topics.

It's S.B.I.P. (Searched Before I Posted).
You use it on yourself.

And hello, brother, I see you.



Scratch sounds like a good coding app!


Its not an app xD

(Well from a certain point of view)


It's not an app its a computer online fun thing I like taht u can comment on people profiles


Well, I am on a computer right now typing like a maniac! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hahah I have not touched my laptop in like months ooops..here can u create a scratch account? Please it's awesome brb going on scartch replying to comments


Sorry, but I cannot, as this is my mom's computer.

I am going off now!


Ok here is a pic of what it looks like

It's cool ye I'm going off aswell.....


BBC text manipulation code is my favorite!


I like coding games, text art, and drawing pads, and I like coding with Java script and hopscotch! :D



What does the code look like?



Or S.B.W.P, with a "We" since yours is a duo account :wink:


I'm not familiar with that and I couldn't find it online, what is it?


I've only ever used it once in a website called Chiken smoothie. My cousin played it, and I told her I liked coding, so she asked me to code a role play topic for her XD. Basically, it's like when you write posts here in the forum but there's much more complicated tools, like you can center, you can change font size to a specific size, and you can code these things called signatures which are at the bottom of all of your posts, pretty much like bios, but they get really complicated and can involve layering, Photoshop, then writing everything down in the correct spot, etc.

Stuff I coded for her

Role play (I didn't write any of this, I just coded it and she told me what to write) http://www.chickensmoothie.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=64&t=3118967

I also made a signature but can't find it.


It's with blocks but it is more complicated lol it confuses me sometimes....
I'm on I pad so I can't screenshot it and show you because I need the adobe flash player to go into codes....