What is your favorite music? DONT FLAG


First of all, flaggers put away dem flags. This is for a project and for anyone wanting to make some music. Just put your favorite music down below!


Doctor Who, it's the best moosic eva!


Masked Heroes by Vexento, he makes the best music!


Hey AHC, do you remember me? (I'm wookie™)


Welcome to the forums! Remember to stay on topic! :wink:


...I think so...Welcome to Forums! Don't I follow you?


Yeah you do :slightly_smiling: I decided to get a forum account


Good for you! Let's GBOT now...


As for me I'm an 80's rock guy, Queen, ACDC, Led Zepplin, ect.


I mostly like pop and some rap :grimacing:


Like what?? Artists?


Gtg I'll be on tomorrow


@Wookie Welcome to the forum! Go to the community guidelines if you need any help!


I love EDM, techno, electronic. F-777 is amazing!!


Maybe you could do a classic song like ode to joy or jingle bells


Ode to joy or maybe the swan


The Entertainer by Scott Joplin. It was my first piece on the piano, and it is so fun and energetic!


Yes do the entertainer


Well Superhuman but that's dubstep.... So you can TRY that... But I wouldn't recommend it so my fav song other than that is demons so PLEASE do that!


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