What is your favorite Hopscotch game of 2017?



I like a lot of games, a lot @CreationsOfaNoob, @WaterFlame, @Dylan329, @Valgo and many others (if your name is not on there than don’t be offended).

Everyone, you are free to edit this and put your name under that line so I could find your account on hopscotch and play your games!

Put your name under this text

Ex: @EarlyStudios


I would like to nominate a great game the pixelify pad


My name is SkyFrost but you have already liked some of my projects.


My Username is A Happy Coder with a smiley and a parrot pfp


My username is the same as on here – WynterDiamond :slight_smile:
Some of my favorite recent projects are Popsicle Maker and Bird Silouhette.


I’m sure you have seen me a lot. I’m DMFgames ★. I like all of my recent features- Park Simulator, Catch the Snowflakes, Animated Pin Thingy, Star Dodge, Sheepzzz, Smiley Bounce, Snowball Run, Make a Bold Text, Fruit Rain, Colored and Sine and cosine pattern maker. But mostly I’m proud of my 12th feature- it’s Design a Robot. It uses dynamic and usual trail art, CoSine and much more. I remember HappyDolphin said that it deserves Game Changers. Woah, this post is pretty long xD


Minecraft Parkour 2.0 stands out in my eyes. But another preference would be Funky’s Pinball.


Minecraft Parkour 2.0 is pretty good.

I’d say it’s too early to get the best though, 2017’s bare,y started,