What is your favorite Hopscotch game of 2017?

I like a lot of games, a lot @CreationsOfaNoob, @WaterFlame, @Dylan329, @Valgo and many others (if your name is not on there than don’t be offended).

Everyone, you are free to edit this and put your name under that line so I could find your account on hopscotch and play your games!

Put your name under this text

Ex: @EarlyStudios


I would like to nominate a great game the pixelify pad


My name is SkyFrost but you have already liked some of my projects.


My Username is A Happy Coder with a smiley and a parrot pfp

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My username is the same as on here – WynterDiamond :slight_smile:
Some of my favorite recent projects are Popsicle Maker and Bird Silouhette.

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I’m sure you have seen me a lot. I’m DMFgames ★. I like all of my recent features- Park Simulator, Catch the Snowflakes, Animated Pin Thingy, Star Dodge, Sheepzzz, Smiley Bounce, Snowball Run, Make a Bold Text, Fruit Rain, Colored and Sine and cosine pattern maker. But mostly I’m proud of my 12th feature- it’s Design a Robot. It uses dynamic and usual trail art, CoSine and much more. I remember HappyDolphin said that it deserves Game Changers. Woah, this post is pretty long xD


Minecraft Parkour 2.0 stands out in my eyes. But another preference would be Funky’s Pinball.

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Minecraft Parkour 2.0 is pretty good.

I’d say it’s too early to get the best though, 2017’s bare,y started,


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