What is your favorite art pad?



Okay, so really the title explains it all. What is your FAVORITE art pad on hopscotch?
@SmileyAlyssa I LOVE your smiley pad! It is THE BOMB!!!
@Chi-Tea your chipad is pretty AWESOME as well!
@firefly_33 dude (or dudette), cool art pad!!!
@imeow sooooo many colors..... Awesome!
Any way, just put your favorite art pads! I know there are LOADS of awesome art pads out there, and you know, the person who made them need a little bit of praise from their GREAT work!


I like all of them! :D


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Smiley Pad!!! @SmileyAlyssa your pad is amazing!!!


I like Imeow studios one! I may have gotten the username slightly off...But it has soooo many colors!


I like them all. If it can draw and it has many colors it's fine with me. I'm proud of the one I made. But iMeow's pad is amazing because of all the colors.


I like Poptart0219's pad, and meow x meow's pad