What is your faviorte subject



What is you faviorte hopscocth subject...choose wisley


Could you clarify please?


I like Math! Cause code, and hopscotch :wink:


What i mean @SmileyAlyssa is whats your faviorte sibject games movies or art and more


Oh! I like games then


Me make logos (Insert scheming face here)


Math and tech but I am gr8 at reading so math, tech, and reading


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I don't see how. This is hopscotch related but math and science!





Oh yeah and mainly


It's super fun and in my middle school I get to spend time with girls. I'm not trying to be sexist, but I barely see my mom. I live mainly with my dad and brother and my brothers friends the next door neighbors. They bully me and take advantage of me, so I feel like I can be myself in PE.


He's asking what your favorite subject/element/category is in Hopscotch


He means in Hopscotch


That's hard. I LOVE sine and cosine, but I'm still getting used to that! (Longggg story :wink:) I like illusion, quizzes, and games.


One word.

Values. Values4Life.


I'm doing Algebra 2 and all and I'm in advanced, but seriously it's just not my cup of tea
I appreciate its consistency though

My favorite subject has to be science
In science:
Biology, Neurology, Anatomy, Diseases, Infections, and Nervous Systems/Endocrine System lessons


@Anonymous and I agree


I like English class. Science with the Earth isn't my cup of tea, but math is kinda hard and easy for me.


I like science for its beauty and complexity:
You can memorize a formula in math, but you have to understand how every single one of your 100 trillion cells (exact number) work together to form the amazing and complex organism that is



Yea I hated earth science XD
It be like:
Igneous rock, metamorphic, or sedimentary, I be like
They're just rocks