What is Your Dream Self?



Draw your dream self and take a screenshot or photo of your art.
This is mine:

But in real life, I have jet black hair and dark eyes. You can say what you look like in real life if you want to!:wink:


Can I try coding it instead of drawing? I'm horrible at drawing...


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It's fine as long as it is art


Thnx. I believe that I will be an OrangeScent one day


Dream Self:


Here's my dream self:

Actually: My hair is dark brown, my eyes are warm brown, and i don't have pink or green in my hair.

I'm also not skinny and not pretty


I like the way I look..... Lon.er ;-;


Why can't I see yours?


Have you ever tried to streak your hair?


Because it's hidden using hidden powers.

All I wrote was that I like the way I look. I have wavy blonde hair, long-ish. Blue/green eyes. Tall. The only thing I don't like is my monster feet :laughing:


No, but I got my hair spray painted yesterday. It wore off though.


I look like my profile pic!


Can you un-hide it plz?


We are like exactly the same!! Sadly, the feet are the same too... D: :o


M-m-m-m-monster feet??????????!!!!!!!?!?!?!!????!!?


Dreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam seeeeeeeeellllllllllves~~~


My Dream self is half hair is pink and half hair is blonde, I still have my grey eyes, but I wear ponytails most of the time so I dunno why I made the hair down.


Half pink half blonde?:thinking::question:


Nah, just my feet are too big for my body. I'm lanky and tall, and then you look at my feet and their size 9 women's :laughing: