What is your best project on Hopscotch and / or scratch?


Mine is definitely rollercoaster road. My best scratch project is the scratch bday project I made. My scratch and hopscotch is minakawaii and RavePartyLover2126. Share your EPIC project today!


Mine is probably CoSine Limn or CoSine Eye


I don’t really know. I think that my projects are great in different ways? It’s hard to choose! :slight_smile:


I agree! All of my projects over the years are so different, that I don’t think I could ever choose.
I really enjoy all of my art and pixel art projects, so those have to make it to the top of my list!!!


Mine would definitely be Dodger. It has my most fun gameplay I’ve ever thought up


I make 8 but on hopscotch and cool text designs so it was hard to choose but an outstanding pattern that took forever to describe or think of a name for it, (rollercoaster road) it was worth staying on the hopscotch app to prevent a glitch happen8ng (a hold up glitch) so I could post the project.


If you want to know, my account t on HS is Minakawaii. Anybody want to review my projects so I can improve them in the future?
Also I used the best colour and place to put a sad emoticon on a Bsod Windows 10 project so yeah it looked a lot like the original.


Also whoever is the 10th likes of this topic gets a shoutout. Not to get that much, but because it means a lot to me.


I meant bit LOL.


I prefer Python and JavaScript to block-based coding


Shoutout to rainbow for being the 10th liker


Here’s a Python version of discobot:
It is 38 lines of code.


It is good, although my coding is actually more of like graphic designing