What is wrong with this!?!?(FIXED)



Here is the link,https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xmwtjv5a8. Plz help me figure out what is wrong!

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Anyone want to collaborate on project

You need to constantly clear your screen at the same time! Make a new "when the play button is tapped" rule, put a "repeat forever" loop in, and put the "Clear" block inside. :wink:


Thx for your help Rawrbear


This project is cool without the fix


No problem! :wink:

@Work_kids_coding, it kind of does! :yum:


@Rawrbear not only do you have a cool avatar, you also have a kind heart


Thanks!! :blush:



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What does that mean??


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i added (FIXED) because @Rawrbear helped.


I think it is so cool, can someone help be by when you push a button it changes color?


Anyone @Rawrbear,@hopscotch_king anyone


Ok, here we go!

Step 1:

Make a value called Color.

Step 2:

Go into the light saber trail and put the value Color inside of your "Leave a trail" block! Just drag it in, it works! :wink:

It should look like:

Leave a trail color (Color value) width (whatever your width is)

Step 3:

Make a new rule on the lightsaber, and do:

When 🖋 is tapped
    Increase value (Color) by 1

Step 4:

Test it! It should work! :wink:


@Rawrbear Thx for your help , but I mean when you push a colored button


And here's the link to @Rawrbear idea. https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xoxqicty4


Aw, my first topic. I'm so proud