What is wrong with the COOOOODE (now with photos) Solved!



I'm trying to make Valgo's "Cool 3D Shaded Text", but something's not right. https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y6i9pbekb2
(my project)

I've looked over the code, but nothing seems wrong. Can anyone help me?


Huh, the project seems to be blank...


Tried to view my own link and this popped up:


I have the project on my account next to a remix of Valgo's logo


My code ^

Valgo's ^

My code ^

Valgo's ^

My code ^

Valgo's ^

What is inside Valgos "Pos"


I've looked through the code over and over again, troubleshooted and more...Still can't figure out the issue!


In the first image of your code and Valgo's, in the "When Obbject is Cloned" rule, you have "Create a Clone of this Character" after "Increase Value (Length) by (1)." Valgo's had them switched, so switching them might help.

Other than that, the codes are pretty close to identical, so I don't know what else you could be doing wrong...


Switched them already....Don't know if it is an issue with Hopscotch itself. Halfway through coding I had a bug where the code I was dragging disappeared. Maybe there is a bug and the extra code is there but I cant see it...


What's really weird is that the text turns orange but doesn't set size 400...Orange is later in the code

Tagging a mod to see if they can help figure this out:
@PopTart0219 !!!!!


For the first one, you had the rectangle length. Valgo had the iPad length.


Skillz to notice that :0


Thought I had rectangle in code though

I'll try iPad length


For the first one again, you need to move the yellow block under the create a clone


Sorry I mixed them around, fixed the post. You need iPad length


There wasn't a preset length (like it used to) so I made an iPad one....didn't make any difference....


Hold on,
I'll get it up and show you which one it is...


The iPad one should work, but they updated it and removed that value.



I'm going to take a break from trying to figure this out...I'll still be on my computer so I'll know if anyone @ or replies to me


I look through the 2 projects... And the only different things I saw were the increase value and clone blocks were switched...
Can you describe what is happening? That will help me pinpoint the problem better.


I published a remix that fixed your code. Give me a minute and I'll explain the edits. They were just minor oversights.