What is with these projects?



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Yes, Hopscotch really needs to manage the community again


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I only have HS cause it makes it easy to view projects people recommend on the forum.


No it isn’t


Ok, it’s supposed to be a coding platform, but also positive


Projects talking about those things might be cries for help from people. It might be best that we encourage them to seek help outside of a coding platform and then move on.

I understand what you mean by some of them could be attempts for attention but questioning someone’s legitimacy might hurt them if they actually are struggling with mental health.

(Sorry if that sounded harsh :\ )


I agree, but as I’ve stated it’s super hard to tell if someone’s telling the truth.

If it’s one of there first projects then I assume they are lying, but if they are known then I belive them.


Yeah, I’ve seen lots of negative projects and drama recently. I think that we should report everything that can be offensive or inappropriate, even if it is people searching for help. But I also hope that people writing about all this tough stuff and are real about it will be able to get proper help.


I agree. Even if that person didn’t mean to be offensive, we have to report it, because Hopscotch is an app for kids! Anything inappropriate should not be tolerated. Like this one project I saw had a bad word in it, which is really sad…


Yeah it is sad seeing someone come in and start swearing on a kids app.

Oh, thanks for the nice topic btw even tho that has nothing to do with this


I’ve been waiting for someone to bring this up, it’s called Social Media Depression. The people who post that are kids who have been sucked out of real life and into an online community. It’s what happens when all you care about is your image online. This is very very unhealthy for a community that promotes code and creativity. Something Hopscotch needs to encourage more is real world engagement with friends in real life.

People also post stuff like that for popularity, which is another form of Social Media Depression, they want to be popular online so bad that they fake real depression to get it.


hmm, I agree. Good description


That makes more sense about reporting it. You guys make a good point!


You mean full stops.




Sheesh they’re full stops. I should go to America.


Maybe they call them full stops in your country


Yep. I live in Australia.