What is with these projects?



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hello good sir I would like to inform you of a physical condition called clinical depression in which the brain literally develops an imbalance in chemicals that causes unwanted negative thoughts
this condition can be treated but it makes life very difficult for the people who struggle with it!! please adopt a supportive attitude and have tolerance :+1:


Ok :ok_hand:


We need more positive people in this world :slight_smile:


Info overload


Yes someone should start a positivity club.


:clap: :clap: POSITIVITY


:clap: :clap: YES


:clap: :clap: I AM DE.AD


:clap: :clap:NO YOURE NOT wait what


:clap: :clap: I feel de.ad inside

insert Sound Of Silence here


:clap: :clap: well you aren’t outside also doesn’t the world need more positivity


:clap: :clap: True dat lol
In reality, I think it’s been a long day…


Hopscotch is supposed to be like one giant positivity topic:D


If people are faking no it, then it’s not good.
If people actually have depres sion then it’s different…
They might have come to hs for relief of it…


Yeah. Unfortunately it’s hard to tell what’s real and what isnt


Two years ago there were tons of people doing this…so obviously I’m a bit skeptic


I, for one, do have depre ssion
And it’s seriously kicking in atm


It’s also hard to judge people just by the internet. Some people you can tell are trustworthy and some you can’t decide on