What is with these projects?



I was looking through Trending just now and I saw someone saying they want to kill themselves! I have seen this many times-people saying they are about to die or have depression, and I don’t think half of it’s true! I don’t know how trusty this person is, but this seems to be a growing problem for popularity.

I am not trying to sound offensive to anyone, but tell me if it’s a bit harsh, I don’t want to offend anyone here :)


It’s to bad there’s no report button for projects, not any that I have seen anyway.


There is one when you enter the project. It’s those three dots


Oh that’s right, thank you😂


Oh geez welcome to drama on Hopscotch.

Long story short:

  • WereWolfLove got buIIied by Boomor
  • she has depresión and it seems legit and being buIIied did not help at all
  • she got buIIied yesterday for the way she reacted to being buIIied


Yeah I knew she was being bullied

But who wants to kil.l themselves? Life is great :+1:


Why did you put a period in the middle of the word kill?


Beacause it’s blocked I think. I don’t know for sure lol

And I’m too lazy for invisible text rn


I just don’t look through trending anymore. It has a ton of stuff I don’t really care about, so I just look at every other tab.


Oh so you know that trick.


Yeah sometimes there’s decent projects on there but it’s mostly an art gallery



With drama woven into it.


Do you not know how hard it is to read without spaces?!?


How do you see someone’s hidden text again?


Oh yeah. Tons of drama. “I’m leaving HS unless I get 30 likes on this project”


Quote the post :slight_smile:



And those Hopscotch “croooshes”
I’m just wut m8


I’m- I may be incompetent but at least I’m trying😂 I tried quoting it and it says ^^^