What is Wanted Back With The New Update?


I have a question, and a discovering thing.

I have noticed people are hating on the new update.

Some might be for no reason. But I have a question.

What do YOU want back from the old Hopscotch?


Landscape and a hybrid of the old and current editor


Well, I want…

  • landscape mode back when I code and use HS
  • to have a system that I don't get confused with in values
  • project thumbnails that can fill up the screen with no excess in drafts
  • abilities and values in which every word isn't capitalized unless a word is actually made capitalized
  • the ability to drag objects to the rule
  • the ability to drag operators and values around
  • faster block movement

The code all at once doesn't really bother me, except for the fact that I can't state that a project is mine with no one changing it.

Just seven things which are all sort-of bearable!


I like it, but the format......... No offense, but I HATE the way they made the layout of taking out blocks and yada yada yada.... It's like the iPhone version. I'm horrible at the iPhone version. -_- I just want the old version back.........


I want the old angle on the iPad back!



I want to be able to hold my iPad portrait and landscape. That's it, I love the new update :D


The way we used to use it. iPad on its side.

We have the keyboard addition. (It's attached to the iPad.)
When the iPad is upright and plugged in (which it almost all the time is), the plug is squished against where the iPad sits, therefore, we will eventually have to get a new plug just because of the way Hopscotch is used now.

And the new type of block coding is so hard to use. And there is a lot of lag.

When you tap the "See Code" on an object, and there are things behind the "See Code", you don't enter the code and instead have tapped the object/objects behind the "See Code".
So you have to drag the object out of its current place to see the code.
And it may not work without it being in its place.
So I advise using Set Position when the play button is tapped.


I want easier interactions with the blocks, and maybe an option to switch between the old editor and the iPhone editor?


I think there should be an easy way to switch between the iPhone editor to the old one!

But, they said this would be work...


It would.

I understand how much effort they put into all this, but it's just not working for me.


I don't even know how to delete a block.

I am like raging at my iPad yelling "HOW DO U DEKTE DA FRIKIN BLOCK"



Hold down on it and press delete


Ohh thanks now I can code

probaly not

  • New Update
  • Old Update


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Please don't use the word hate. Maybe just dislike. Hate us a very strong word, and can offend many people easily. c:


Lol sorry I went too far DX


Actually, I really enjoy the new update! I find it much easier to acces other code!


I really want the old format back. Everything is laggy, and the new code,... I don't know how to use the app anymore. Why did you change this? Was there any reason? I don't know how to code anymore and don't know what's going on, everything is really annoying. Please Hopscotch, I want the old format back, I can't make any projects. :persevere:


@Vincent_Nigro, I felt the exact same way. In a little while, you'll get used to this! It doesn't take long, I coded one of my proudest projects in this update!