What is trending category


On hopscotch I go to the trending catagory with no idea what things go in it. Plz reply


Good projects


The trending category is for projects that the community enjoys and that is popular.


Trending has projects that have gotton a lot of likes in the first few hours it was made.


Trending is where amazing projects that are hand chosen by THT (The Hopscotch Team). Projects get chosen for great code, the fact that you can see that a lot of hard work went into the project, and many more things. Featured is pretty mush "the best of the best".


Yes! Thx every person who answered! Btw, ruby stars, u got me the exact answer thx so much!
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Game changers is the best of the best. Featured is the what the forum thinks is the best of the best and trending is what gets the most likes in a few hours


Trending is where projects go if ypthey are popular. You don't need many likes, just a few remixes of your project, to get on to Trending. I think so,e of the other answers confused Trending with Featured...

Also, I don't think the lots-of-likes-in-the-first-few-hours bit is right. I have had dozens of trending with only like 5 likes, but a couple of remixes. Only the ones at the top of Trending have loads of likes in the first few hours, which you can tell by going down and seeing other projects.

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Also, check out this topic, it has more information! http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/what-gets-a-person-on-featured-or-trending/346


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@TheLogoMaster I'm pretty sure you mean featured and game changers :wink:


Trending is where the most popular projects go. They change throughout the day, and whatever gets on trending is based on likes.