What is time to do here on(HS)


Don't worry, this is related to HS.
Ima growing up for Hopscotch and this forums was created for Hopscotch and look what it has done for me. I need to get off.
- Peace Out :v:


Bye! I'll miss you SOOO much! You are an amazing coder! Have a good life!




Bye! Sorry about the other topic. Are we still friends?



Also start the ":v:" chain plz on this topic.




My post?


Bye! Sorry if I hurt I hurt your feelings in the other topic, @Phase_Admin. I didn't mean to.



Not yours, someone else. And yes we are still friends, Sorry about it.




Oh it is okay!
- Peace Out :v:




Ok thanks. I like to be friends with everyone and I don't want any "enemies". Are you sure you want to leave? I respect your opinion, but I think you should stay. :slight_smile:



Sorry if I annoyed you or something in the other topic. Have a great life!


I am leaving but I will regurly check on the Weekends.


It's okay.
- Peace Out :v:


K, bye for now I guess :slight_smile:


Bye bye for now.


bai bai!


Bye! :v: