What is this topic?


I can't click the link... so that's my first unread topic that happened since I got on... seriously, this is just driving me nuts, what is this!?!?!?


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Is there any way to access this topic though? like a hyperlink? because the one that is typically there, isn't (as you have obviously noticed, but I'm pointing out so you don't say "well that's the problem, the hyperlink isn't there, so no") I'm talking about if this is a me only problem, somebody else can access the topic and give me the link


Yes, click on the arrows from that topic from posts on the unreadable topic (there's some I quoted, and you can probably access them through the first post's quote, tap on the replies and tap/click either of the arrows, or go through this link: http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/unreadable-code-how-to-fix-this-mess/3899 (just copy paste the link on the url search (whatever it's called) and you'll get there).


tried going through a commenter's feed already (I'm not creepy :joy::tired_face::heart_eyes::rage::cold_sweat::sleeping:) and there wasn't a link there either, just a no title topic

also, a :hearts: for the link