What is this supposed to be? How does this work?


How does this work?


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Welcome to the forum!
If you need any help, just put @ in front of my username like this: @Dude73 and I will try my best to help! :smile:


Thanks! But I don't really get how to work this......
People say you can post things, but how?


Hi, @KawaiiPanda101! Welcome to the forum! Here, hopscotchers discuss things going on on the app! Welcome!:smile::smile:




Anytime! Call for me when you need me!!!!!!!!!!


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You just made a post, but I'll show you how anyway. :wink:

To create a topic (you've already done this, we're in your topic right now), you must first go to the forum homepage. After that, you can tap the Ask A Question button to create a topic! :D

There are multiple ways to reply to a topic. To reply to a specific person, you can tap this button:

If you want to reply to the topic in general, you can tap this button:

Also, welcome to the forum! :D

By the way, I like your username! :D


You just posted something!


Welcome to the forum, @KawaiiPanda101!

btw, I love your adorable art style!


Thank you (Kawaii face but there is no emoji Kawaii face)


Hi KawaiiPanda101! This is KawaiiAnimeLuver! If you have any questions you can always ask me! Have fun on the forum!


I love your username. I'm a panda freak!!