What is this? Question


So I was clearing tabs, and I saw this:

What is it? Five minutes later it is gone

Does anyone know anything about it?
Also, Snape is my nickname on my iPad, i did that. That isn't what i think is strange.


I got that on my school iPad. Weird...


What XD
easter egg?


Idk is today the day Alan rickman died?


Actually, it might be.

Edit: no.


I looked it up it was in January


Yeah me too.


Actually there's a new Harry Potter theory that Snape didn't die so maybe that's why it popped up.


I've never seen that...
but again I haven't used HS in a while so maybe I just haven't seen it yet


I changed my nickname to Snape in my contacts so that is why that showed up. What I'm wondering is what the good morning ________ cam up with the Hopscotch logo


Bumping this topic


Hopscotch apparently thinks you are Snape and is saying good morning. XD

What the heck? This is weird :stuck_out_tongue:


It's an IOS feature.


What is it though? How come it disappeared? Why does it just show Hopscotch? Why not Netflix or Paper53?


I think it's because we open HS so much more.


I'm probably on Netflix more than Hopscotch, given that the shows I watch are usually 40+ minutes long


yeah it's an ios feature like NindroidGames said

it also does the same on mine with different apps

I've mostly only listened to podcasts or worked in garageband when I plug earbuds into my school ipad and so ios can predict I'll be using one of the two when I do






It is an iOS feature I think, it suggest you to open Hopscotch because of:

  • That you use Hopscotch normally the time you saw this message.
  • That you are in a location where you use Hopscotch often.
  • You use Hopscotch a lot.
    Or some other weird reason.