What is this:πŸ”₯ on hopscotch?



Hi @Liza! I was wondering what tab this: :fire: is on hopscotch? Is it old and famous projects?

When i shared a post i did not get the badge help!
When i shared a post i did not get the badge help!
When i shared a post i did not get the badge help!
When i shared a post i did not get the badge help!
Tip on sharing projects
Tip on sharing projects

Yeah I have just noticed this too.


Me three, just saw the tab too. Maybe the fire means projects literally on fire: projects with a lot of plays.


i was wondering this too i really want to know


maybe its like the random tab we used to have or old featured or the best projects


Mabye it's projects with over 100 likes. It's really strange!:neutral_face:


This is interesting :hushed:

Maybe it's related to a tab that Hopscotch are planning to add in the new update, which shows awesome Hopscotch projects that show our culture as Hopscotchers and inspire others :smiley:


All these projects have over 500 likes, I think that's what it is.


Maybe not! I just saw a project with only 17 likes in there! @alish @ian @liza what is this??!?!?


This is really weird. I noticed it and there were projects over 2 months old! What is this tab?


I Think It Represents Very Popular Hopscotch Projects. -Madi- Saw This As Well...


I think it is popular projects that were recently on featured..
Btw mine is on it and was featured.. But a long time ago


Hmm, first I thought it was like a glitched tab or something, but I think its either projects that have many likes and are on fire? Maybe its a project that took some time?


Mine took 5 minutes, so yeah...

One thing they all have in common is that they all were on top of featured or trending for a while. Mine was still on top for 4 rounds of new other projects...


Looks like it is the featured page on the next beta :confused: Must be very popular or played projects... I don't really know. Seems to be the first tab in the beta, unlike it being the last in the current version.

Looks like what @t1_hopscotch said.

What was the :fire: tab?

That IS strange :confused:

It would be weird if it did replace Featured in the new beta, because Featured is projects that HT picked out, not just popular.

Isn't that just the same as Trending? An algorithm to pick what is very popular?


I think it is featured projects cause I remember some of those being on featured and really popular!


Me too @CreativeCoder
Some I noticed went on Trending too like Madi's Lemonade Stand


@SlipperySalamander- It probably isn't, because I saw a project there with only 14 likes!


I have no idea! :fire: is kind of a weird tab. I have never seen an emoji tab. Maybe they are just popular games with emojis in them. Because all of them appear to have emojis in them.