What is this? ( I really want to know)



I wonder what this is:

I click on it and it just scrolled down! What is this?


That is if you want to put links in a post/ topic you can just click it put the url and name it!


Good question @CutiesCuties! I've never really thought about it 'til now.

I tried it out and here's a photo explaining:

So what it does is put text into a little quote box as if you were quoting someone, like this:

Insert a quote

That explains the quotation mark icon :smiley:


Thanks @t1_hopscotch and @InnerSparkle! But I have a funny question: how do you highlight a text?


That's okay :smiley: To highlight a text on iPad, hold down your finger on a word for a second and let go. Then you'll see a little menu pop up, which has the option to "Select | Select All | Paste".

Tap "Select" and you'll your text highlighted in blue. At the front and the end of the highlighted blue text, you'll see two little dots which you can drag to adjust the text you're highlighting. That's useful if you've got a whole paragraph and you only want to select or highlight part of it to quote for example.

If that's a little confusing, let me know and I can try and add screenshots :smile:


Thanks I get it now, you've been very helpful!


Also I found out that you can just type in:> quote To do it too! Anyways, thanks again!