What is this glitch!?!?!?!


This is forum glitch!! What is going on? @Liza @Rodrigo

The dates have already passed. It is now 30th of september 2016


That's weird. However, it is not something that the Hopscotch team can fix. You should report it on the Discouse meta forums.


Where is the Discourse meta forums exactly?



I have an account there, so I can post something.


OK thanks.


People haven't entered their birthday as September so I am not sure if this issue is on all forums or just this one. I will report it anyways :slight_smile:


Which topic do i report it in discourse?


There is one about Cakeday which is the plugin they use.


Woah discourse looks just like the HF


Same thing is happening to Anniversaries…


maybe because it's the last day of the month they're doing all the months birthdays and cr.ap


lol. but why would that happen?


Birthdays have been glitching before, I hope it will fix soon!


As I've mentioned a couple of times before, the Hopscotch Team doesn't code the Forum, therefore, we can't actually give any support regarding it's software functionality. :confused:

We maintain the forum as a collective space to talk and share ideas about creativity and coding, but we didn't developed it. :slight_smile:


We can, or we can't? I'm a bit confused, is this a typo?


This is a typo, we can't.


Dang so you're saying we cant do anything to fix it?