What is this Funky 63 thing? And can you guys help me with something?



Seriously, what the heck is going on??? Why this Funky 63 thing means? Argh!! This is confusing!!!

Another thing I need help is on a project where Cupcake should avoid the human to don't get eaten, but I can't make the human follow Cupcake properly! Do you know the code to make the human follow Cupcake? So then, please post the code for me in he comments below.



Welcome to the forum! Um... I can't really explain the Funky63 thing,maybe ask some one else.


At least do you know how to make the human follow Cupcake?


Welcome to the forum!

Funky 63 left because people were being mean to him about being mean to other persons.


Yes, I'm screenshoting it right now. Wait a minute.


It's almost like a war. Everyone on the forum is sad for Real Funky 63 New ac. because he's leaving, but I am not as upset as them. Please do not be angry with me!


Prove it. I don't know how. (insert I don't know emote here)


When ___
Change X by Cupcake X Pos - Human X Pos

In another rule,
When ___
Change Y by Cupcake Y Pos - Human Y Pos

The human has to be slower than Cupcake, though.


Huh? What do you mean?


It's in his profile, real funky 63 left. He did a project


They all work for me!


Seriously? Let me check.


@RubyStars but then the character I'll never go down because every character's X Pos and y Pos is positive


Oh yeah that's true. Your right. Must have been a glitch :wink:


True, but it's impossible to remove projects! How did he even do that!


Actually, it's not! If you go into one of your publish projects and click on the three dots at the top left, there will be a section called "Unpublish"! Click that, and you unpublished your project!


Oh, thanks (I did a joke project by mistake :V


That's not very nice.


Funky 63 was an extremely famous Hopscotcher who is like 53 years old and he left because people said he was mean and it's true he acted kind of crabby sometimes.


That's not very nice. Apologize! Even though I thought Funky was crabby, I never thought it was good that he left! He's sad! Look: