What is this For?


I just came a few days ago and when I posted it said my posts r pending. What does that mean? What is this forum for?


When you join the forum, your account will be on hold before a moderator accept you. I think this was what happened.


Yeah, when you are real new, the Forum doesn’t know whether or not you are trustworthy. That is why a moderator needs to review your first posts before you can go all out :+1:

But soon, they will be revieled.
In the meantime, read and like some posts! :smile:


and this forum is for talking about the app Hopscotch (and sometimes other things xD)


You can say that again :rofl:


yep, i went through the same thing yesterday. just wait one day, then you’ll be accepted.



Welcome to the forum!

To make sure that there are no ‘exploiters’ coming to HF, THT makes all posts of people who have been proved to be “good” pend.

Anyways, my name is Smiling! It’s a pleasure to see you!


What’s Hopscotch? And why is there a min num of characters u need 2 put in to post?


I think you may be on the wrong forum


He was probably looking for the tynker or scratch forum and found this


Oof! We should teach him what is hs


Yeah, probably
Or is just checking out forums
Or typed in a keyword on google and found this

(This has happened to me, I’ve been asking google something, and the Hopscotch Forum pops up on the top! Wow!)


I just was looking and found this forum. What’s HS and what’s Hopscotch and tynker? Are they like Scratch?


Yes they are both block coding apps that are similar to scratch. But hopscotch and tynker are available on the App Store unlike scratch. HS stands for hopscotch.


Ok here’s some help:

Hello! Welcome to the forums! I will explain to You a bit and help you out while your in the forums! Ok so first things first. This is the forums! There’s different topics explaining about different things. We try to keep the forum hopscotch related. There’s drawing topics. Topics about bugs. Not the :ant: I’m saying as coding bugs and more. You can talk to many people on the forums! So basically there is 2 reply buttons. One is on the person text and one is on the bottom (big blue one) those are just to reply. Although the one on the person text will Get notified but the one on the bottom won’t get notified. If you want someone to get notified without you replying, just tag them. Tagging is just @ and their name. So for example you have a Friend like me and want to notified them just say @Jordan. Like one person said earlier, " If You run into 20 character limit and need to write more, just type <spam of random words" Do NOT talk about personal information and you should no that. Don’t upload images of your self or where you live. It is fine to upload coding stuff, drawing and you could do your pet. There is many great people on here. My best friends to me are @JonnyGamer and @BlastFusion (If you didn’t like me tagging you Jonny and Blast I’ll remove)

And lastly. Welcome @The_Vast_Void


Hopscotch is a coding app (I think it’s only available on apple products) basically it’s similar to scratch
and if you want to use less than 20 characters in a post you can do <this> and put random text inside and that will make hidden text


Oh, thanks @BlastFusion and @Jordan and @ExquisiteSoup


no problem, glad I could help


No problem! No problem at all


Welcome to the forum!!