What is the True Meaning of Off-Topic?



What does everybody think about being off-topic? Do you all think it's okay to get a little off-topic sometimes? Should everybody who gets off-topic get flagged? What is the real meaning of off-topic?


The term "off topic" if used correctly means that the post/topic is not relevant to hopscotch or the hopscotch forums :wink:

If it's a forum party you are allowed to get a little off topic, otherwise you should flag if something is off topic.
I think you don't have to be ALL serious but do definatly relate to hopscotch whenever in some way in your posts.

If someone has one off topic post but is talking in a hopscotch related way

@smishsmash- I've been procrastinating on my HW and doing hopscotch instead.

That's ok because it's in a hopscotch related way :wink: @EmmabugOnTheForum


Off topic means like not relavent to hopsoctch at all!


I know what off-topic means, I was just curious what people think about it.
Your definitions are helpful nevertheless! Thank you! C:


Well. Here.

Bro: Hay dood
Bruh: nah dood hay iz 4 yo horses
Bruh: IKR I'm so funny.
Bro: yah doooooooooooooood

Why is it classified as, "Off Topic" because the Hopscotch forum was made to help others, with coding. Not to talk about dood stuff, or that you wanted a pony, so the reason people who are off topic are flagged is because it is and I'm quoting from the flag thing: "This post is not relevant to the current discussion as defined by the title and first post, and should probably be moved elsewhere." by elsewhere it means to another topic, but if it's not related to hopscotch at all, it should be moved elsewhere as in, not on this webpage. Because that post doesn't help the community grow positively.