What is the “Solved” tab in the “Activity” section of my profile for?



So under the “Activity” section of my profile, I see a tab, and the tab is called “Solved”.
What is this tab for?

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It looks like one of those features where you ask a question and someone gives you an answer or a solution and you can mark that reply as the answer to your question


It’s a Featured that isn’t used on the forum. Basically, THT can create categories where you can ask questions (it’s just they haven’t), and people can answer the question with replies in the topic in that category. Then the asked of the question has the option to chose the post with the answer to the question, answered questions go in that tab on your user profile


Like others said, there is a plugin that THT could use, which I think would be cool to have on the forum. If you have ever stumbled across some topics in a forum like Superuser or StackOverflow, you can often see posts marked with a green check mark. That means that the creator or the topic marked the post as “This solved my problem”. It can help others to find the correct answer and give credit to the one who actually fixed it. If you want to read more about the solve plugin, you can take a look here:


I have wondered that to, until I have done a bit of research and figured out what it is. Other people have answered your question fully, but I actually would love to have this feature on the forum. I think it would be super cool in order to make bug reports and problems in code more effective to post and solve!