What is the regular lounge?


So I have heard a lot about how when you become regular you get access To this lounge thing. What is the regular lounge? What do u do there?
I know that to be regular you have to be on for 50 days. I'm not a member yet so do my days not start until I'm a member of right when I join the forum?

What special things can regulars do?


Uh in the lounge it is just a topic that only regs and above can see, that is just a welcome saying "if you can see this topic, then congrats on getting regular!"


No, that's one topic in the Lounge. Regs can put any topic in the lounge, and only regs can see it. Some topics are in Lounge.


It's a type of category, like help and collab. Except only regulars and above can see topics in the category and post in it.


The accounts got suspended... :frowning:

Oh dear... what's happened...


Oh... I misunderstood sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:


The lounge is a type of category you can choose when you're trust level 3 (regular) and higher. Only members with trust level 3 and higher will be able to view the lounge. I hoped this helped :D


Welcome to the forum, @Tylerdabeast!
Like others said, it is a category that hopscotchers with @trust_level_3 (regular) and above can see.


I can view the lounge as I am a regular !


It's really just a topic that only regulars can see and post in!
I also think that there are specific filters that you can post topics in, and one of the options only regulars can see!

I hope this helped! :D