What is the regular lounge



So I heard from a couple regulars that their is a longue and I know curiosity kills the cat but what is it and what goes inside their?
Is it a topic or a private new section of the forum only for regulars ?

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It's a private category that only regulars and up can access.


Can you post their or create topics their?
I'm asking because I'm only 4 days away from regular and only have to read 500-600 topics


Yes, you can. We barely do anything there though, most topics are in the help section for everyone to access.


So let me get this straight..
It's a private for Regular+ only
You can post topics and posts their
You can topic with only regular+
You can make private topics for like judges and things


Yup! It's just link a normal topic! Except instead of the category "help," it's "lounge. And Only regulars+ can see it! :wink:


Everyone else pretty much covered it. XD


Looks like theirs a whole new category out their.... And I'm going to achieve it!


Nice confidence
I bet you will have fun I have like twenty million years to wait till I am reg.

GO @Razor


Thats what I heard while reading im about 4days too!


There isn't much of a difference between the forum and the lounge. :l


It's part of the forum tho lol