What is the profile called OMTL



What is @OMTL? I don’t get it.


I’m not really sure what you mean - what do they do? What is their Hopscotch username? I’m not sure - probably just another Hopscotcher. They’ve only posted 1 reply that I can see and they joined fairly recently. :slightly_smiling_face:

  • OMTL is a normal Hopscotcher
  • OMTL is not!

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Comment below if you choose the second option (sorry I just wanted to try using a poll :P)


@LukeDragon @Musketeer_1234

It’s the Official Mass Tag List. How have you not heard about it by now?


well uhhhh jonny made a fake omtl
omtl: official mass tag list


The OMTL is a tag list used when you want to tag many people at once, instead of having to type their names. It’s more like a group of people you tag to show something awesome, like a new game or something.

Hope this helped! OuO


Yep pretty much
everyone on the forum
kind of


Sorry! I joined the forum over a year ago but I only recently started going on it again! I feel like a bit of a newbie :grimacing:


Oops… That’s kind of embarrassing… :flushed:


It is totally okay!! You may be a newbie, but you will learn about everything, trust me! If you need additional help on anything, feel free to tag me!

Also,@LukeDragon I hope you now understand what OMTL is! Make sure you only tag OMTL if you want people to see something of importance, and do not repeatedly tag it! (It gets annoying for people who are in OMTL!)




I am the Official Mass Tag List. I was created by @PopTart0219, but @Petrichor adopted me for a while. Then I became an adult list and now I live by myself in a house in Alaska.


wait really

i thought jonny made it cuz he kept tagging it and i believe he said he made it idk


Thanks! I joined about year ago but I haven’t been on since the first week… :blush:


I think I’ve figured out how to tag u but I don’t wanna risk accidentally tagging the omtl hhhh


JONNY IS THAT u omg hii


Jonny didn’t make a single OMTL topic.


um ok? cool?