What is the OMTL and how do you create it?


I would like to know how to create an OMTL and learn what it is.


The Official Mass Tag list is the official one so you can't create your own. :wink:
Poptart made it so she could monitor it (who was put on, taken off, usage, etc) You can use it in new topics if you want! If you use it in a topic, anyone on that list will be tagged and will most likely come to your topic. XD This can help if you want to more people to see your topic. :D


How do you use it in your post?
Do you type it all?
Or is there some kind of shortcut to use it in your post.


The easiest way is to copy and paste it. :D


You go to Poptart's topic:

And copy/ paste the tag list (make sure it's the current one) into your topic for use. :D


There's this thing called the OTML. It stands for the Official Mass Tag List, created by Poptart0219.

It's for Hopscotchers that like being tagged. You can add yourself on, and people can copy and paste the list for asking for help, or advertising a project, or giving attention to a topic, or whatever.

There's only one official one. You can't make another one. Just use that one if you need it. You can't normally just tag random Hopscotchers, except for this thing.

Go to the topic. There are a few rules while using the OTML.


That makes sense.

Facepalms herself


Don't facepalm!
It hurts. XD


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No problem! :D


You can make a tag list for a certain thing!
You can ask people to join a specific list here:


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No prob! Just put a "<" at the end of your post and type whatever you want to bypass the 20 character thing :wink: