What is the new "copy and paste feature"?






Hold on let me take a screenshot...



Wait no, you mean wat


I also have no idea wat she is saying


You can copy and paste blocks and objects by double tapping it then tapping copy.



@Sweetlina @BubblegumCupcakeMix You can copy and paste now, it works just like copy and pasting text.


Me get it now


Oh, ok. Thanks guys!!


Just hold down on the block until the copy/paste option shows up.


So if you hold down on a code block, copy will come up. If you hold on the blank space below your last block of code, paste will come up. Click on it and the code you copied will come up. Just make sure you updated hopscotch first!


Wait what!
This is incredible!!!
Thank you so much @BuildASnowman!
You are so helpful


I'm so confused! How does this work? Why can't you just create an ability so you can use the code twice?


Say, if you want he same code, but to alter it for own section. It'd change the whole ability if you use that.


I get it. It will be easier to code with sins and cos now!! (not that I know how to do that xD)


Oh!! Yay!! I REALLY need that for the summer competition!


How do you paste the text (code)




Won't work how long do you need to hold down for