What is the lounge and how do I use it?



I just got promoted to Regular, and I'm pretty confused. Could someone help!



Records dating to the Akashic Age of the forum indicate that the "lounge" is a feature visible only to "regular" members of the Hopscotch Federation and that its communications occur throuch a subspace channel neither visible nor accessible to unvetted members, until they, too, have achieved "regular" status and experience first contact, as have you. It is recommended that you utilize the channel wisely and for the benefit of the Federation, vetted and un-vetted, as it is likely monitored by the HT Q Continuum.


Nice. (love all the Star Trek references) That really made my day.


You are definitely worth it!

I was being a little silly, i know; but I do want you to have the best day possible. And why? Because that helps us all to be creative. Our emotions are inseparably connected to our creativity and our intellect. And who knows... You may come up with something that will inspire, as a result of having an awesome day... today... tomorrow... some other day, future or past.

If the thought that someone wishes you well serves that agenda... well, all the better... Captain.



Welcome to Regular :blush: These might be helpful:





reading all these old topics, memories keep coming back of so many people that don’t go on the forum anymore :(


Hahaha, I read this yesterday and thought about reviving it but I decided to not do it lol


lol we have to preserve the old ones


I suppose.