What is the hopscotch Hangout?


What is the hopscotch Hangout? i keep seeing old "Will you see me at the hopscotch hangout?" projects and i don't know what they mean. :expressionless:


I also want to know what that is but im guessing its like a meetup of lots of hopscotch players but its probably not in Australia


i thought that would be what it was. and yes, not Australia.


The hopscotch hangout was a few months ago, where hopscotchers could communicate with the hopscotch team! It was SUPER fun. And you don't even have to travel! It's a Google Hangout, so we could just talk through our computers. They plan on scheduling another, but I haven't heard much.


Great Q, @DrDuctape! @SQUISHY was spot on, but I just want to add that we'll probably do another one sometime this autumn (or Spring, if you're in the Southern Hemisphere). Stay tuned! You'll definitely hear about it here on the forum and in the app!


Thanks :slightly_smiling:

What should we do for the next? Would you want to work on something together? Swap ideas? Teach new people? Talk about our pets?


All of those sound really cool too me! I sure hope I can join...


Yay im soo happy its not just in the US. I'll hopefully be at the next one


It was really cool, I got to talk to squishy Kiwicute and Jmohart! It's basically skyping\face timing each other and you can choose whether you show my face. You got to see sneak peeks like the hopscotch forum and got to talk about hopscotch


Cool thanks for telling me @Lavendercupcake


I think there should be another hopscotch hangout. I wasn't at the first one because I missed it.


Hey I was making a topic about this and this came up cam I have some more information? Do you see your face?