What is the exact dimension of a cover photo?




I want to make a cover photo for myself. What are the dimensions of a cover photo? @sam, can you help me out here? :smile:


@Nerd4Ever, do you know?


580x285 (approx)


does it help?




Thanks!! :smile:


Sorry, do you know the 3D dimentions like: 580 x 285 x ???


srsly, @Stampys_fans?!


can u post it here when it's done, rawrbear
(i didn't @ u cuz u don't want me to)


Totally srly!



(I meant constantly doing it in multiple posts, actually :sweat_smile:)


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what software do u use?

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have you played super meat boy before?


if u wanted to know, the bit depth is 32 (whatever bit depth is!)


I'm learning to use Pixlr!

Yep! I have it on my PC!


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I use pixlr too!

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Thx for following me!!!!


Thanks!, (what is the 4D one, like 580 x 285 x 32 x ???



You make cool projects! :wink:


Yep, Length x Width x Height x Time. :wink:


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arrr @Stampys_fans, u are driving me MAD!

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did u like super meat boy? What level r u up to? i'm up to 1-19 and i only started playing!
and what cool projects do i make? cuz my ones arn't really cool


So time is the length of the gifs in milliseconds?, what about photos that are not gifs?