What is the difference between trending and rising


Can someone plz explain this to me​:joy:


Rising is where awesome projects go that don't get featured! They are out there by THT!

Trending shows the most popular projects of the time!


Trending is where projects which have been gaining likes and remixes very quickly go. The Hopscotch Team chooses which projects go in Rising (it's sort of like Featured).

I hope this helped! :D

EDIT: @LazyLizard beat me to it.


Trending is where projects with the most likes/plays are shown (recently)
Rising is where THT put cool projects
Im not totally sure xD


Aaannd...@Mathgirl beats it to me xD


Trending is automatic with remixes and likes within hours and days. Rising just chosen by THT for cool projects that don't get featured!


Oh ok thanks so much @smishsmash @PandaBlossom @Mathgirl @Lazylizard