What is the difference between Hopscotch (The Black App) and Hopscotch for Schools (The White App)?



If you know what is the difference between the 2 Hopscotch apps in the app store, please tell me, because I’m not sure. The white one for schools costs $10, and the normal one is free. PLEASE TELL ME THE DIFFERENCE!!! :scream::scream::scream:


No. One is open to more things in it like, ummm stuffs.


I’m pretty sure the white one lets teachers create “classrooms” for their classes which means that teachers can create a group for their students that lets them see all their projects. And idk if it’s actually connected to the online community like the black one is.


I know 2 people who do hopscotch for schools


I do regular Hopscotch, I just do coding on the app for about an hour for school. :slight_smile:


Ok I just knew u did it for school sorry for tagging u


Yeh I use regular Hopscotch. Hs for schools hasn’t been updated in like a year


Yea I know


Can you tell me more about it?


About what???


I th8nk he means about how it works


I don’t use the white app, I just use regular Hopscotch.


I mean the schedule


Um, I’m homeschooled. I do an hour and a half of coding per week because my dad includes coding as a part of my schoolwork. I can just do it whoever day I want during th week, or space it out.


Oh cools I’m homeschooled 2


Oh, I thought you used the white app, @SoaringFeathers. Sorry. I wouldn’t reply earlier, I was in school.


Yeah, hs for schools was meant for schools and stuff, but it hasn’t been updated in ages, so it’s pretty much useless now.


I don’t know, but I guess that the school edition makes it easier to manage Hopscotch in school.


Get the black one that’s the one on my school iPad and it works!


HS for schools is old and outdated, and probably doesn’t work.
normal HS is (usually) free, and teachers can make mass accounts for free!