What is the creepiest project you have ever seen on Hopscotch?


Hm…just curious. What is the creepiest project?


THAT one project I saw in 2016 that said if I didn’t remix it three times the ghost of a girl who was pushed down the stairs during a fire drill would kill me
It scared me for actual months anyway that’s my nominee


my art from 2015/16


I’m pretty sure it wasn’t as bad as my current art.


Gottverdammt, hard choice.

Sometime in 2016, I attempted to finish three art requests in one afternoon while being semi-sick. The result was…not good at all!


my art is never good lol


Would you like me to be your private tutor? ;)


I haven’t really seen one actually. That category of projects are not too popular. I haven’t seen many at least.


nah I’m good. Thanks for the offer tho.


lucy stop


Ooh! Ooh! My old art, especially when I was first starting and drew myself with cat ears for some weird reason that I do not wish to go into


My art on Hopscotch…it’s so creepily cringey yet it got 15+ likes each…



Most people on this topic are replying with “my art”. ;—;


this is my only “nice post” that wasn’t made on a drawing topic


i have myself blonde hair with a blue stripe in it,




my old accounts projects xd
its aysesgreatgames with a pig nose or something at the end (i thought the pig nose emoji was hilarious at the time…)


My old project’s were horrifying…my old account was hungryhoney. My drawings were…bad…to say the least.


I agree with some of the others here, I haven’t really seen any REALLY creepy projects. Which is crazy cause I have been Hopscotching since August 2014.


the chain mail projects definitely