What is the "best of 14"?



What is the "best of 14"? I've some Hopscotchers say that, is it the best project in 2014?


Hi @CutiesCuties great question!

At the end of 2014, the Hopscotch Team asked everyone to vote for projects they thought were the best they'd seen that year. The Hopscotch Team then featured the top projects for everyone to check out.

It was a nice way of sharing some of the great projects people coded in 2014 and, who knows, maybe they might do it again this year.


That's awesome! I wonder whether the Hopscotch team does that this year. :bangbang:


Thanks for telling me @t1_hopscotch!


I hope they do it this year! My beach volleyball project has at least 1.8k likes and its on the :fire: tab!