What is "success" on hopscotch? Your opinion!



So I made a story/movie on hopscotch about what I think success is on hopscotch. I'm trying to spread the message "code is success". Success doesn't depend on how many likes or how many times you've been on featured. Success is coding and learning how to code.

You can view the project Here.

Share your opinion on what success is in the replies.

  • success is learning to code and trying your best
  • success is being famous
  • success is getting likes and being featured
  • Other... (Reply below)


Also feel free to share your projects that you think are successful.


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I chose the first one :wink: It's also about having fun!


I read the post earlier and I liked it. (A lot)

Though it is disappointing if you work forever on a project and it gets no likes, you still learned something from it.

And that is what matters.


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Ya, sometimes making a great project and not getting likes is upsetting, but Hopscotchers need to realize that the most important thing is coding and having fun.


I most definitely agree with the first answer
Success is the feeling inside of when you make a game and your proud of it.
Likes or being famous and featured is cool but, not as awesome as making something :smiley:


Exactly. No matter how many likes I get I'm always proud of my projects and coding skills, and everyone should be proud.


For me, success is making a project you're really proud of.
Trying your best might not create this (try more and harder) and learning to code, it's only success of getting a bit farther, even although together, it's huge...
Learning to code a 2.5D game and coding it might not be something you're really proud of. Sure, you might be proud, but you're not really proud.


Here's a project that my teacher showed the class and it only got 4 likes

(Tap the numbers to get the answer)


*another note
Success is when someone enjoys your project
It always makes me feel good.


Success to me is when I like my project, it doesn't matter if others like it (though that makes me feel good) it's about me liking my project:)


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That's totally fIne! I didn't make the list tho, it's from rawrbears post where people could add themselves if they liked being tagged. Did you add yourself or did someone else?


I choose the first one!


I did (and definitely would) vote for the first one. Good idea!


Creativity and originality are one of the key roles in success. :3


I will tell you what success in Hopscotch is. And if I express it correctly, and if you read it, and if you really understand it, you will agree with it, and it may even make you feel happy. I hope so.

Success in Hopscotch is doing something clever, unique or beautiful with Hopscotch that you've never seen done before with it, something that you may even have believed impossible (in other words, overcoming a personal challenge) and then seeing others be inspired by it. That is what I would call success. If it's not, and if success in Hopsctoch is really something else... somebody else can have mine.



Yeah! You should at least be proud of yourself (unless it is something with a ton of coding like @SmileyAlyssa's holiday card and it only got under 10 likes. Then you should be upset that it got less likes than it deserved, but you should also be proud of yourself for coding an advanced project.)!


Success is what you want from HS. If you want to be famous, that's what success is. If you want to learn code, then that's success. In summary, success is what you make it, what you want it to be.