What is so important about being a leader? Why do we want to be one?


Recently, I've seen a lot of stuff about people changing to be leader, wanting to be leader, etc.

I have a simple question for you guys:

Why do YOU want to be a leader?

Is it for the new abilities? Is it to help people?

As you know, you can help without a badge, so why is it so important to be a leader?

I look forward to hearing your opinions! :slight_smile:


idk why i want to be leader... im alright with regular :)


I want to be leader to help people, and so the forum has a leader in AU.


But can't you help people without the badge? :slight_smile:


I want to be a leader because I want to help people more than I already can! I also want to be a more respected person in the community c:

i also think the abilities are cool though XD

But I wouldnt change to be a leader, if I did I wouldn't be myself ;-;
I like myself, no changing :D


I would like to be Leader because I think a am helpful enough, and nice.

If you disagree, it's okay, just please don't criticize it.

I would like some constructive criticism on what I could improve on. :D

I think I am a respected person already, but I have some people who dislike me–why do you dislike me (the boy)?

I hope I become Leader someday. :D

Besides, will Leaders stay forever, or will they retire? That's a huge question in my opinion. Then, everyone can close topics–and that could be a problem. Maybe @Liza could create another level? :D

People would also look up to me. They would follow my footsteps on the forum, so I am expected to be kind, helpful and sometimes funny!


I already do that :D


Then why is leadership so important? :slight_smile:


It's not lol
I'm fine with regular


What about leadership would let you help more? :D


I made a topic called this

please SBYP

Let me get a link.


Great speech Gilberto, I totally agree. You guys shouldn't have to change who you are for a badge.

You can already help enough without it.


Here's a link it's called the same thing.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I did search, and it didn't pop up. However, I do think that this is okay because it's also asking about how you can help right now. :D

(And this is a bit more updated and new for the forum as of now. :D)


I want to be a leader because I want to help people in more ways than I can right now.
If I was a leader I'd want to inspire people to do and be their best :3


I would be able to help end flame wars by closing topics with big fights :D

I can also edit posts (like you) and make positivity in more ways! :D



Okay then.
May you please change the title though?


How can being a leader help you do those things? :slight_smile:


I swear I didn't even see yours, that's really weird they're almost the same. :sweat_smile:

I'll change it a bit.


Okay thanks!

Sorry it may look like your copying to some people so I was recommending out change it!

It's fine!:grinning: