What is so good about the forum?


Hello, hopscotchers and forumers that JUST joined!! Just to let you know, this post if for you peoples!
So, many of you, after gaining an account on the forum, may think- “What’s the point of the forum?” Well, I am here to answer that QUESTION!

The forum is kind of like an organized chat room about hopscotch and coding. It is organized into categories, and there is NO PROFANITY or RUDENESS permitted. You can give tips, ask for tips, or just talk to others hopscotchers. It is great to gain advice for your coding projects, and to help others! I love the forum because the profanity is reduced to the bare minimum, with no swear words allowed. Your privacy choice is up to you (I did a post on this, btw) and you can pretty much share whatever you want about yourself (within reason, again see the post I did on this) But again, what is the point? Why does hopscotch, or any app, need a forum? To work out bugs, fixes, to discuss updates, to gain advice on what to post, to give advice on what to post, to view announcements by the Hopscotch Team, to get advice and tips on your code, mini-tutorials on how to code a certain thing, asking questions about certain blocks, and so so so so much more!

I really hope I answered your forum questions in this post, newer forumers! Please remember to always be nice on the forum! (I will soon post forum rules and hopscotch rules) If you have any questions about the forum, ask a member of the Hopscotch Team or even a fellow forumer, such as myself!

Thank you for reading, have fun on the forum!
-Swati :smile:

Must Read for New Users!

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@HopscotchRemixer - Ha! Thanks for replying!


id like to challenge the accuracy of this :stuck_out_tongue:
nah im joking, this is well written, i love it :slight_smile:


Well you are considered new…you aren’t even a member yet. ButvI think you definitely have what the forum is about : D


That is true, @HopscotchRemixer, but I actually used to be a forumer on my old Hospcotch account. I have a lot of old Hospcotch accounts for some reason, lol.


thats not something you point out


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Awesome topic Swati_Bang!! All of your topics have been amazing! :D


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Well then, welcome back to the forum I guess!


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This is just for twenty characters


I’m new to this forum, but I don’t have Hopscotch yet. Should I get it?


Of course!! That’s what this forum is all about :D


Thank you for the advice!


No problem!! (^-^)


This is amazing, real good job!


Thank you, @ReadingSlayer

@WhatsupWhatsdown- OMG you should totally get Hopscotch! It’s an amazing easy-to-use coding platform with so many tutorials for learning. The forum also has hundreds of tutorials Hopscotch Team-made as well as hopscotcher-made!!
@Dolphin_coders - Thank you so much! :smile:


This is a nice topic! =DDD