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You might know how to use sin and cos, but do you know what it is? Sin and cos is a nickname for it the name is actually sine and cosine. Well sin & cos is used in trigonometry and you can find it from right triangles ( a triangle with ONE right angle). It is often followed with something called tangent. The right angles were given specific measurements of the side and an angle. The 3 sides have different names such as hypotenuse, opposite, and adjacent.
This is not all of if but it's just some basic knowledge. The real deal is way too complicated.

Whats is sin and cos?
Help 3D spinning cube

Well, cos is used for the X position. You say, set position cos. In the furthest square on the left, put the distance you would like to rotate away with from the centre. In the centre, that's, the speed or angle that you rotate with. In the far right is where you want your centre point to be. Same thing for sin with the height.

Sin and Cosine- Help
Sin and Cosine- Help

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There are some posts on how to use it here http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/how-to-use-sin-and-cos/682

If you search up how to use sin and cos on hopscotch a project pops up made by Kiwicute, you could use that too


Sine reports a value between -1 and 1 for a y position. How to visualize: Draw a circle on a piece of paper. Draw a dot in the middle. Draw lines next to the circle that are evenly spaced and are the same height as the circle. Draw a line out from the dot to the edge of the circle. Draw a dot on the first line next to the circle at the height at the intersection between the line inside the circle and the edge. Continue to do this each time adding a new line inside the circle. You just made a sine wave!


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@hopscotch_king, if this is about my project tutorial, I am not Christan, so yeah.


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I think Valgo made a project explaining it as best as he could!! Look for that on his account!!