What is Sin and Cos?


Probably @t1_hopscotch knows about these Sin and Cos stuff. I'm only Primary 6 (Grade 6 for you guys living in the US) and I haven't learn anything about Sin and Cos.

So can someone explain? I would appreciate it! :relaxed:


Sin and cos, short for sine and cosine. These are things you will find it trigonometry (usually 11th grade I think). They relate the right triangles and tangents, but it's reaaalllly complex.

You can use it for amazing projects, though! Sin/cos is commonly used for drawing, but can be used for many cool movement patterns.

@alish made a great post about some simple sin/cos information here. Have fun, and good luck!


Thanks @CreativeCoder! Been wanting to know that for AGES! Btw I'm in grade 4 so I have absolutely no idea what this was... Now I kind of know.

  • I know about sin/cos
  • I don't know about sin/cos
  • I have only a Fante idea of sin/cos



I'm not an expert on sin and cos but @CreativeCoder is right — you can do awesome stuff with it. I recommend you check out that post by Alish too (I would have given the link as well :wink:)


Same @Isaacwotwot though Look at this (math is fun site)
And look at muffin owl's earth and aun and stampy's fans's (my ) earth sunand moon


I am 9 but I know a tiny bit about sin and cos. If u would like to know, Valgo :zap::zap::zap:️ Made a project about sin and cos, look at that!!