What is sin and cos



What is sin and cos?

Can someone explain Sin and Cos on hopscotch to me?


More math

Lots of math

I dunno, but i cri everytiem


Hmmmmmm. I am only in 5th grade math


Search in the magnfying glass.


The what? The what? The what?


It's a math thing
To learn how to use it look at
@UptownStudios's tutorial :D


This one! In the top right.


Oh I thought you meant in the forum! Going to safari now


No! In the forum! > ^!


the magnifying glass in the upper right corner to the left of the lines


Oh cool that is it? Cool


Yeah... You'll learn about it in about 5 years


Learn whatie? What r u talking about


Sine and cosine...


I am confused about this too. We are in the same exact boat sista


So in 10 grade? AWESOME! Magma pop is in tenth because he know it


Well, it's for the "default" 10th graders, I'm probobly going to learn it in 1-2 years and I'm only in 7th grade


Actually, that may be true, but it might not!

I'm in 6th grade and I use sin and cos! We haven't learned it yet, but I know what it is, and how to use it!

It's not that hard, once you get the hang of it! :smile:


Cool. My half- sis is in seventh


Before Sin and Cos. WHY CAN'T I MAKE A CIRCLE GO FASTER!!!! After: :open_mouth: DAT SO AMAZING!