What is sharing a post?



So I am on this forum, just browsing..
And I go into the badges section to see what badges there are. I look at the different badges, and I see the first one. First Share: Shared a post. Noob question, but I want to ask, what exactly IS sharing a post? And how do I? Thanks in advance!

When i shared a post i did not get the badge help!
How do you get the first share badge?
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Good question I have been trying to find out what it is but with no luck so far. Can someone do a tutorial on it? If not I will just keep trying until I get there!


I have been wondering too! I checked the badges and it appears so far no one has shared a post yet :hushed:


I tapped the tiny chain button on one of the posts and copied the link. Later I responded to someone. I tapped the chain on the reply box and pasted the link. I randomly got the badge. I guess that's what it is?

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Yeah I was about to say, I'm thinking that's it too! I got the badge randomly and I was just trying to figure out what it was! Like this I think:

So you tap on the chain icon, and paste a link inside your post and that's sharing it!

Getting a badge

Yeah, that makes sense. That answers that then...


That is funny, answered our own question :smile:


Not working for some reason, any ideas?


Is the link a link to a post on this forum? Because I think you have to tap the chain button to get the link, then chain again to put it in yours



If it doesn't work, I might make a tutorial with pics


Maybe you have to share it on a different topic to the original post?


Didn't get it. I'm using my iPad, is it different on computers?


It's weird because when I did it it made a link...


I don't think so, I've been using my iPad too.


I've tried it twice once on a different topic.


Do you think you could give me the link to your post where you showed it on a different topic so I can see?



It's kinda small but it's there.


@SlipperySalamander oh yes I did see that! The shared post was from the same topic though and not on a different topic. I think that's why.


test link